Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza is the ex- girlfriend of Steven Randall "Randy " Jackson and the ex- wife of Randy's older brother Jermaine La Juane Jackson. Alejandra and Randy started dating in 1986. They had two children together: Genevieve Katherine Jackson ( born on December 3, 1989), and Steven Randall Jackson Jr. ( Randy)( born on October 2, 1991). Alejandra and Randy broke up in 1992. On March 18, 1995, Alejandra and Jermaine got married. They had two sons together: Jaafar( born on July 25, 1996), and Jermajesty( born on October 3, 2000). They divorced on May 19, 2003. Randy and Jermaine 's parents Katherine and Joseph adopted a boy named Donte Randall Jackson ( born on June 13, 1992). They gave him to Alejandra later on.