Katherine Esther Jackson (real name: Katherine Esther Scruse; born: Kattie B. Screws) is Joe's wife, mom of the Jackson Family. She was born on May 4, 1930. Her parents are Prince Albert Screws and Martha Upshaw. In 1947, while she attended Washington High School, she met Joseph Walter Jackson. They got married on November 5, 1949. In January 1950, they purchased a two bedroom house on 2300 Jackson Street in Gary , Indiana . They had ten children together: Rebbie ( born on May 29,1950)/ Jackie ( born on May 4, 1951)/ Tito ( born on October 15,1953)/ Jermaine ( December 11, 1954)/ Latoya ( born on May 29 , 1956)/ Marlon and Brandon ( March 12,1957- Brandon died shortly after birth)/ Michael ( born on August 29,1958- June 25,2009)/ Randy ( October 29,1961), and Janet ( born on May 16, 1966).

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