Margaret Marie Maldonado was born on February 21,1965 to Joan and Bill Maldonado. Her brother Willie was born a year later. Her mom remarried Cy Guis and they moved to the Hollywood Hills.
  She began doing drugs at 13 and moved out at 16. She moved to New York and then back to L.A.
  Margaret met Jermaine Jackson in 1986 and they had 2 children: Jeremy Maldonado Jackson (December 26,1986)and Jourdynn Michael Jackson (January 5,1989).
  Jermaine began abusing Margaret and the kids in 1992 and he gave her an STD after coming back from Africa. She moved out of Hayvenhurst in 1993 and published "Jackson Family Values" in 1995. She is now 49 and is a hair stylist In Los Angeles.